About Us

Noorveer  Design is an Fraidabad

Who We Are

Noorveer Design is an Faridabad based Design Agency offering all forms of Graphic design, Print design, Website design, Search Engine Optimization and Printing Services.

At Noorveer Design, we strive to provide you with a consistent and a clutter free design. Superior, responsive customer service and our ability to work with our clients to meet their interactive needs is the key to our success. We provide our clients the very best possible solution for their situation and provide great service which fits their budget. We have strategic key statements to provide a standard for the strategic handling of the brand. This is reflected in all the services that we provide. It stands directive to the perfection which our expertise bring into the work.

Our great customer services and quick turnaround time and an honest with no nonsense approach to all of our projects. We also provide reasonable when it comes to our pricing and more affordable than most Graphic, Web & Print Agency. While we are not the cheapest provider out there, our work is top notch with middle of the road pricing. Our services are not merely services; they are professional works of art which reach out to both local as well as global and makes Noorveer Design one of the leaders in the Print, Graphics & Web design region.

• Experience
More than 10 years in Design Agencies, Multinational Publishing Companies, Media House etc.
More than 6 Years in Business Specializing in Graphic Design, Print Design, Web Design and Small & Bulk Quantity in Digital, Offset Printing and much more…

• Added Value
We have become a long-term partner to achieve a client’s goals through great design, superior development, and a continued, consultative approach.

• Specializing in Remarkable Design
Since 2005, we have becoming one of Faridabad’s premier Graphic, Web & Print Design Agency crafting innovative Graphics, Responsive Design, Usability, content management every day.

• Education
We Have Specialized Professional Qualification in Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, Printing & Advertising Management from Reputed Institutions. We also believe the way to succeed is through continued learning and education, as our industry continues to evolve. By doing so, we build for the future.


At Noorveer Design, we can adapt easily, learn quickly and possesses a positive attitude towards our work. Our strongest trait is attention in detail this helps us more in the field of work. We take good decisions in a conflict. We are adaptable in any situation. We are honest and punctual, which helps us completing the project. Our strengths are time management, behaving according to the situation and Independent about ourselves. When a task assigned to us we try to do it passionately.


Noorveer Design is client service-based Graphic, Print & Web design Agency providing pro-active, creative and strategic solutions for your business. Our Vision is to ensure a best class service to all clients, by performing at the highest standard at all times. Provide a stable eye for detail and quality. We are a graphic design agency and studio, with a stable, in-house team of intelligent graphic design professionals & web programmers working together, giving a friendly and cost-effective service. We discuss about projects, not orders. We involved in each developing project with passion, dedication and sensitivity, ingredients that we believe required in the creative process of any artistic work. We have expertise in corporate identity, logo design, stationery, brochures, web design and development, database-driven websites with content management systems, and graphic design or web programming.


Noorveer Design is a leading Design agency within efficient implementation, management of designs and production. We believe that the value of devotion and hard work mixed with professional specialization and exclusive customer service will make us succeed.
Noorveer Design as a Design agency has the efficiency and the flexibility to solve large and complicated jobs. We create new, exciting and visionary solutions in cooperation with our clients. Solutions are always based on professional efficiency which ensures that our creative ideas are translated into distinctive design in practice. Noorveer Design is a full-service design agency who offers professional management of concept development to print. We manage almost every steps of the design to print process for our clients, and we take pride in delivering a product that is in accordance with the quality & standard expected by our clients. Finally, Noorveer Design ensures that the product is delivered on time.